How to Edit Copyright Text in WordPress [Remove “Powered By WordPress”]

Do you want to get rid of that pesky “Powered By WordPress” in your footer?

Before you learn how to edit copyright text in WordPress, there are a few things you should know:

  1. Your theme might let you remove it from the customizer
  2. Some free themes stop you from being able to change the copyright text
  3. The option to remove the copyright text could be hidden
  4. If all else fails, you can override your theme options by editing some html

In this article, I’ll show you how to change the copyright or Powered by text in several themes.

Let’s get started.

First, Create a Child Theme

Some themes let you change the footer credits within their built-in options panel.

This means that when the theme is updated, the options will stay the same and your edited copyright text will stay intact.

But, to be on the safe side, it’s good practise to add a child theme before customizing your site.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to make a child theme:

How to Edit Copyright Text in Divi

Divi by Elegant Themes is a front end page builder with tons of design options that lets you to change or remove the footer credits.

The first step is to click on “Theme Customizer” under the Divi sidebar menu.

Then click on the “Footer” option and then the “Bottom Bar” option.

You’ll see “Disable footer credits” and “Edit footer credits” at the bottom of the next options screen.

Tick the “Disable footer credits” to remove all the credits including the Powered by WordPress text.

Or just type your own text in the “Edit footer credits” box.

In the above example, I typed:

“Copyright & copy ; 2018 – – All Rights Reserved”

The “& copy ;” text is just the html code you need to display the Copyright © symbol.

And that’s it for Divi. Here’s a video that takes you through it step by step:

How to Change the Footer Credits in Avada Theme

The Avada theme is one of the highest sold WordPress themes on ThemeForest.

Changing the credits in the footer is as straightforward as with Divi, except it is done from the admin instead of the WordPress customizer.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Theme Options” under the Avada section.

Then click on “Footer content” under the Footer section.

In the last step, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find where you can change the footer credits.

You can also remove the text by clicking “Off” next to the Copyright Bar if you’d prefer it to be blank.

Here’s a video to walk you through the steps:

Generatepress Footer Credits

GeneratePress has become extremely popular in recent years.

It’s a lightweight theme with powerful features.

The theme itself is free but you can upgrade with a premium plugin, which allows you to edit the footer text.

Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t allow you to change or remove the footer credits inside the options panel.

You’ll need the premium version for that.

But don’t sweat it, I’ll show you how to do it in the free version.

, let’s change the text by adding some code to the theme. Don’t worry, you only need to copy and paste so it’s not that difficult.

Go to your WordPress admin, click on “Customise” under the “Appearance” menu.

Before you add CSS, you’ll need to add our own footer text using widgets. Click on the “Widgets” menu item and then “Footer Bar”.

Now click on “Add a Widget” button and add the text widget to the area.

Then add your footer credit text to the text widget, e.g. “Copyright © 2018 |”.

You’ll notice that your footer has pushed the GeneratePress credit over to the left and your new footer credit is on the right.

Now you want to use some CSS code to hide the GeneratePress credits and then center align your own credit.

Click all the way back to the first GeneratePress menu and click on “Additional CSS” at the bottom.

Then in the CSS area paste:

.copyright-bar {
  display: none;

.footer-bar-align-left .copyright-bar,
.footer-bar-align-right .footer-bar {
  float: none;
  text-align: center;

So the first piece of code with “display: none;” hides the HTML and the second piece of code targets the new footer credit to center align it.

If you want to align this text to the left, then just put left for both float and text-align.

Now, this is obviously the long way round changing the GeneratePress footer text, but it’s free if you don’t have the premium version.

I recommend the premium version of GeneratePress though.

It’s one of my favorite WordPress themes and it’s very affordable. This process is much easier with the premium version and there’s so much more you can customise with this theme.

Here’s how to change the footer credits with the premium version.

After activating the plugin and enabling the “Copyright” option, go into the theme customizer and select “Layout”.

Click on “Footer”, then write your footer code in the text field at the bottom.

Click “Publish” and you’re done.


I hope you found this tutorial useful!

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